RANT: What’s up with people on Facebook?

This is going to be a short one, I promise, as you can see from the subject, this is a rant, I’m ranting and complaining about some people on Facebook -my friends maybe?-.

Sometimes, a person might be sitting alone minding his/her own business, when suddenly, they think about something smart or maybe they hear some interesting verse in some song, what would they do? Yep! they go on Facebook and post it, only to face the bitter truth that simply no one cares, maybe perhaps they don’t care about your idea which is the best thing since sliced bread, or they are some callous individuals who are not feeling what you are feeling right now after hearing Tupac’s implicit remarks to something huge, or -my friend- they simply don’t care about you at all!

Who knows? Maybe you befriended the wrong crowd, maybe this crowd cares about what some girl from middle school ate for lunch, or maybe it cares more about a guy announcing that he’s going to the swimming pool, or maybe the notion nowadays is to be amazed by huge opinions such as “Ariana is a cutie” or “I think life is boring”, you get the idea.

Good times…



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