Why do we check in on Facebook?


I like to observe, ask and try to express my opinion, therefore, I’m not qualified; not even in the proximity of discussing the psychological factors, as there are myriad of experts and  psychologists who can analyze it better.

Some people like to share their precious moments with others via social media hubs, almost everyone of us had done it at some point, whether we are moving to a new place, celebrating a wedding or welcoming a new human being to this world, it is nice to share these moments to inform our social circle that this event has occurred.

The problem starts when we do this to achieve goals other than  pure news announcement or sharing our happiness with those whom are important to us.

I can only speak from an observant point of view, but some people are doing this just to boast about trivial matters, checking in fancy restaurants couple of times a week doesn’t give me the impression that you’re a wealthy person, on the contrary, it gives me the impression that you are trying hard to prove that you are wealthy, I know some people who literally posted a check in notice on Facebook claiming that they are in Dubai or another place while they are at home under the warmth of their bed sheets!

I usually don’t get involved, but one time, I couldn’t stay quiet, so as soon as I saw a similar check in, I confronted the person knowing that they are at home and asked them about it, their reply was that they were trying to tease somebody, really? Teasing somebody by checking in on Facebook that you’re indulging yourself in happiness in some place? The worst thing that their social circle believed it, why wouldn’t they?

I used to check in sometimes, until someone’s words changed my point of view, this guy said “how could you share such things on a daily basis? In a matter of hours, you will forget that you have visited this place, the photos of the delicious food you have taken will be lost in your camera roll, however, one of your friends who can’t afford to be even near such places will feel the sorrow as they can’t live like you or do these activities as frequent, be wise and think about the others”.

I’m not here to say that this is wrong, please don’t get me wrong, I totally understand, my point is that we don’t need the APPROVAL of others, we don’t need to substantiate to everyone that we’re having fun or surely there’s no need to surround ourselves with lies just to boast about a life which is not ours.



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