Why Canada is an immigrant’s dream?


Have you ever contemplated about moving to Canada? Especially if you’re living in those countries where wars and violence are the most prevalent picture. As a Muslim-Syrian guy, I have endured a lot from this none sense, radicalism, extremism, sheer violence, bombing, killings, conflicts, injustice and many other sad things.

I have taken no part in this madness and I don’t want to, my family and I have suffered, we’re scattered across the world, we lost our family business (which was our only source of money) in the cross fire, and I’m sure many are facing the same situation.

Why should I pay the price for such lunacy? Why should I deal with daily discrimination because there are streams of blood running through my torn country? Haven’t I seen enough? That’s why I thought over and over about a safe place where I could be treated as a human being who wants to do something important in this life before leaving, a place where my wife could exert her daily activities without hearing nasty stuff constantly just because she decided to walk in the street, a place where I’m not scared of being thrown out just because I’m Syrian; Canada is one of those places.

There’s no such thing as a prefect place, there’re racists and close-minded people everywhere, but at least some places are better than others. That’s why Canada is one of the most appealing destinations to immigrants.

There are a plethora of factors, such as:

Safety: As per the Global Peace Index of 2017, Canada is ranked 8th among the most safest countries around the world. No one appreciates safety as much as a refugee, believe that.

Average income: As per the latest reports from 2016, the monthly income of the average Canadian is about 50,000 CAD (without taxes) a year, some people may think it’s not much (based on their predominant notions that everyone in Canada is a millionaire), while it’s relatively appropriate when compared to the living expenses.

Public health insurance: While health insurance plans vary from provenance to another, citizens of 3rd world countries get shocked when they hear that you can get a free public health care without the usual fuss we face here and how everyone gets the benefits fairly minus the “I know somebody who can get you in” sick mentality.

Diversity: I’m going to go on the record here to say : I LOVE DIVERSITY, I simply adore mixing it up with different cultures. Canada is built on multiculturalism, Whites, Africans, Asians, Arabs, Latinos, indigenous people, you name them. What’s so exciting about spending all your life with the people of your skin? I mean, come on!

Less involvement in global clashes: It’s a simple equation: the more you spend on your arsenal and military expenditures, the less you have for health care, infrastructure and all pertaining matters that encompass the average living standards and its amenities. You can apply this equation on all-time peaceful countries such as the Scandinavian countries or countries post WW2 such as Germany and Japan. “War never changes” thanks to Fallout series for this precious quote.

CHRA and EEA: The Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, age and a number of other grounds. It came into force back in 1985. Since then it has been updated ongoingly.
Another piece of legislation in this area is the Employment Equity Act (EEA), which falls under the Department of Justice Canada. These laws are meant to protect the rights of four “designated groups” in particular: women, people with disabilities, Aboriginal people, and visible minorities (https://www.monster.ca/career-advice/article/employment-law-knowing-your-employee-rights). This conjunction of rights and other rights matter to someone like me who’s dealing with daily related issues in regards to my nationality and gender wise for my wife.

The right to be whoever you want: There is an enormous amount of people who are considered as a scourge to societies; these ladies and gentlemen who want to enforce their opinions and judge you for being who you are. Do you want to a hetero/homosexual? Sure! Do you want to practice your religion or not practice it at all? Your choice! Do you want to live with 12 cats and/or dogs? Why not! Do whatever you want AS LONG AS your choices are not harming other people. “One persons freedom ends where another persons freedom begins’

In conclusion, yes, Canada is not Utopia, but for many of us, being a hard worker and contributor to society in a place that appreciates this mentality and treats every individual equally, is the place we’re looking forward to be a part of.


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