Who’s the best rapper alive?

Disclaimer: The below blog is solely my opinion, it could be right or wrong. There are topics such as music in which couldn’t be summarized in one’s opinion (other than the obvious of course.)

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The best rapper alive, we heard this many times over the past decades, Jay Z called himself the best rapper alive in his masterpiece “Dirt off your shoulder” and I will be damned if he wasn’t the best rapper alive for a period of time, that’s why it’s kinda hard to determine who’s the best rapper alive.

I believe it’s obvious that rappers such as Lil Wayne, Wiz, Waka, Future, Drake and many others won’t be mentioned, because, you know, they are auto tuners, one subject, same style, attention grabbing “artists” and I will be offending the industry if I brought them into the subject.

10 years ago, if you asked me who’s the best rapper alive, my answer would have been “Chamillionaire” hands down, the guy had so much potential, and I surely disagree with some opinions that classify him as a one hit wonder. Yes, Ridin’ -billboard wise- destroyed everything when it came back then, however, this wasn’t even in my Chamillionaire’s top 10 to begin with. The problem with the music business is that there are many gems that get buried for the sake of the general trend, for example, if the masses are into songs about sex and drugs, a masterpiece such as “Void in my life” won’t make it. I’m not going to blame them, this is Marketing after all.

It was really sad to see a talented rapper like Chamillionaire leaving the game, the guy is an entrepreneur and he realized that sooner or later people will move on to the next buzz making artist. Take Eminem for an example, back in the 90’s and early 00’s, people were basically worshiping Eminem, the man dropped a hit after hit, he could go from 0 to 100 in a second, he was truly and lyrical genius -the guy was studying the English dictionary in his free time for God’s sake-, but alas, he reached his peak and didn’t leave while on top, and it’s very disturbing to find some people comparing Drake to Eminem just because the 1st has more views on Youtube!

Nas is keeping it steady since the 90’s and early 00’s along with TI, both men are exceptionally fine rappers with an obvious talent, many old school listeners including me are wishing to see more top hits from those two (Until the posting of this blog, I didn’t listen yet to TI’s Poison album which was dropped few days earlier, hoping for something hot!)

Busta, DMX and Jay Z are practical example that time doesn’t serve anyone, when you get older in this game, people are going to move on, no matter how much time you spent on top.

Here comes the purport of this blog, who’s left now to be considered as the best rapper alive? The clash of generations is in session now. My last man standing from the golden times is Tech N9ne against the young kid from Brooklyn; Kendrick Lamar.

Frankly, Kendrick is the only new rapper that I listened to almost every song he dropped, no doubt about it, the kid is on point, he can switch styles many times in the same song, many of these songs have an implicit references only few can get and he clearly can lyrically assassinate your ear! However, I vote for Tech N9ne to be the best rapper alive, why? Because of experience, the Kansas city phenomena has almost 28 albums under his belt, ranged between Studio, extended plays and mixtapes, he rapped about almost every topic, his mood can be palpable in all of his songs.

In conclusion, as a Rap/Hiphop heavy fan since 1994, I believe that Tech N9ne is currently the best rapper alive and Kendrick is still at the beginning of his career, he still has time to flourish and claim his throne as the best rapper alive.

P.S: please don’t judge a song from its views on Youtube, or trash “hits” such as Despacito and Gangam Style will depict the future of music… “Save the music y’all” Nas.


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