My Bucket list


Plain and simple, these are the things I will hopefully do before I kick the bucket:

  1. Go to Canada.
  2. Visit Sweden.
  3. Visit Tokyo.
  4. See Syria again.
  5. Watch a Seattle Seahawks at the CenturyLink Field.
  6. Meet Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson in person.
  7. Record at least one of my songs at a professional studio.
  8. Attend at least one of my favorite rappers’ concerts.
  9.  Host a Radio show.
  10. Open up my restaurant of dreams.
  11. Interact with a Koala :).
  12. Read 25+ books in one year.
  13. Have a private night on a boat at a lake or the sea.
  14.  Have a full day alone, no worries, no attachments.
  15. Volunteer to help resettling refugees.
  16. Have best friends from various ethnicities.
  17. Explore Canadian provinces (a road trip from East to West in my car).

I’m sure the above won’t stop here! Life is about experiences, the more you see, the more you desire.

Achieve your dreams before it’s too late…

This is my bucket list, what’s yours?


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