My favorite underrated TV shows

If you ask people what are your favorite shows? Most answers would be summarized in: Friends, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, etc.

But what about those brilliant TV shows that are not getting the love? Here are my favorite underrated not-so discussed TV shows:


  • The Dead Zone:

I have to admit, this show got me so captivated, I watched it back then without even reading the original book (I’m currently reading it, so keep an eye for the upcoming book review!).

The story is about Johnny Smith, a guy who got into a car accident and went into a long 4 and a half years coma, when he woke up, he found out that his girl had married another guy, plus, he gained an exceptional ability: seeing the future when he touches another person! It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s a must watch!


  • The O.C:

Yeah I know, some people consider this as a chick flick, maybe it is, but I got so attached to it when I was a teenager.

It’s about a young man “Ryan” from Chino who went into some troubles with the law because of his big brother, his rich lawyer “Sandy” took him in, and Ryan now has to deal with the spoiled society of the wealthy Orange County.

What’s not to like about it? Teen drama? Check. Fights? Check. Spoiled brats? Check. Cheating? Check. Embezzlement? Check. This is the full package!


  • 8 Simple Rules:

A fantastic comedy, do you want to see a dad struggling with his 2 teenage daughters (played by Kaley Cuoco and Amy Davidson) and his mischievous kid? Well, this is for you, however, the sudden death of John Ritter (playing the father) left many of us heartbroken and it wasn’t the same despite casting the crazy cousin “CJ” played by David Spade.


  • Grounded for life:

Another fine comedy show about an American family and its daily life, you will immediately notice the exceptional character of uncle “Eddie” played by Kevin Corrigan.

Those are few from many, what are your underrated favorites?


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