Discussion: Erotica


As I’m browsing through blogs, I’ve noticed that a considerable amount of them are about Erotica, whether they were stories, vignettes, books reviews or poems.

This sort of art was around since the dawn of history, as a Muslim-Arab, many renowned poets from the Muslim history were into sort of poems such as Al-Asma’i and many others.

What propels us to passionately spend hours and hours reading erotic-novels? Is it lust? Well, certainly, but are there any other reasons? There are tons and tons of pornographic material over the internet which probably provides a “quick” solution for one’s desires.

Porno =/ Erotica, yes, they are almost the same at core, however, the packaging and atmosphere can’t be more different. Many people don’t prefer to watch straight up porn, as they prefer to live the story (whether as a protagonist or from a 3rd person view), the naughty fun which is totally based on one’s imagination can’t be achieved via porn.

It’s interesting to mention that as per Dr Brooke Magnanti’s article on the Telegraph; women love Erotica. I believe she’s right, since women innately like to build up to things, while men on the contrary, want things fast and they have no patience, especially when it comes to sexual needs.

Personally, I haven’t read much Erotica before, my experience in this subject is limited to few short stories here and there, and sadly, they were all poorly written, and by poorly written I mean that the author didn’t go into the trouble of creating the scene in the reader’s mind, just some few lines and BAM, people went downtown.

We all heard about “50 shades of grey”, some people read the book, others went straight to the movie, frankly, my wife and I saw the movie and we hardly made it to the end, since I have no idea about the book (and I will probably never going to read it) I can only judge the movie. I can summarize it in “Porn-wanna-be” I couldn’t see the successful elements of an Erotica, they were trying to show as much skin as possible, the plot reminds me of those low budget pornos, and the acting was HORRIBLE!

What are your reasons to read Erotica? Do you think since it’s less graphic it urges the reader to fantasize about the scene which serves more purposes other than plain sexual desire? Do you think that Erotica novels could enhance married couples’ sexual life? And what are the reasons behind the increase of blogs posts about this subject?




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