NFL Season 2017-2018: Seattle Seahawks


There are about 10 days between us and the 1st NFL preseason kickoff! Football fans were trying to keep themselves occupied since the epic Superbowl 51 between the Pats and the Falcons! For me, I kept going over the season’s highlights to get my dose of Football.

So, as a Seahawks guy, I’m hoping that this season would be at least better than the last one, as it was full of injuries and semi disappointments.

Let’s begin by analyzing the rosters’ highlights:


Richard Sherman: Most probably, everyone heard some news (or rumors) about Sherman intentions to leave, Seahawks’ fans were on the edge ready to jump in if that was true, gladly, Sherman stated tha he’s not going anywhere, phew!

Cleveland Browns at Seattle Seahawks

Earl Thomas: His injury which occurred in the game against the Panthers, left our D crippled, luckily, ET3 is expected to come back from the start of the next season.


Blair Walsh: I know, I’m bleeding for Steven Hauschka, yes, he missed some kicks, but to be replaced by Blair Walsh! The same guy who missed the game winning field goal against Seattle back in 2016 when he was still playing for Minnesota? For Seattle’s sake, I hope that he will get his act together and prove that he’s a better successor.


Trevone Boykin: I remember us going crazy at the Seahawks’s subreddit after his first appearance in the last preseason, he did some rookie mistakes (no kidding, he was a rookie back then) however, he was a large copy of Russell Wilson when it came to QB scramble and it seemed back then that he will have a burgeoning career. Fans now are not expecting much after his 2 apprehensions in 11 days for charges of public intoxication and marijuana possession. Seahawks’ management seems to feel that way as well since they signed a 3rd string (maybe a 2nd now?) QB Austin Davis.


The flimsy O-line: It’s not a secret, while Seattle currently has one of the best D-lines, it possesses one of the worst O-lines! Hopefully, Luke Joeckel and Oday Aboushi would make some changes.



As we can see from the above, Seattle’s season is not that intricate to beat, of course, we will expect some serious games against Green bay, NY, Atlanta and Dallas.



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