One Less Syria


I thought I’d share a verse from my song “One Less Syria” which I’m planning to record when the time is right.

Days.. and years passed by

Thinking about what happened to us makes me wanna cry

This is a real story people and it ain’t just a lie

Too many good spirits left us and went to the sky

And there’s nothing I can do except to ask why?

Children are dying and the world is watching

Their tragedies are bullets that we all keep dodging

Do we really care if the scenes are shocking?

I don’t think so, man, that’s nothing

Who the hell are these refugees from Syria?

Watch out, man and keep ’em away like bacteria

Can’t they just leave us and go away to Siberia?

It seems that Syrians don’t fit the criteria

To them these refugees are just diphtheria!

Oh God my lord and superior, why did you make us so weak and inferior??


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