Spider’s Top 7 series: Music: Chamillionaire


The time has come, Chamillionaire has a special place in my heart, I have never listened to a rapper more than Chamillionaire, I have literally listened to every mixtape and single song he dropped or was featured in (along with the albums of course!).

Hakeem Seriki (born November 28, 1979), is an American musician, rapper, entrepreneur, and investor from Houston – Texas He is the CEO of Chamillitary Entertainment. Chamillionaire was also the founder and an original member of the Color Changin’ Click until the group split in 2005.

The man is talented, he had the potential to be the best rapper alive if he stayed in the game for a little while, but as I mentioned in a previous blog post, the guy is a self made millionaire and a CEO, he realized that talent doesn’t cut it anymore in this industry, so he took a step back and continued working as an entrepreneur and business man.

Let’s get down to business! You think that Ridin’ will make it on this list? Nope! Despite that fact that Ridin’ is a hell of a song to an extent that some people believe that this is the hit which cannoned Cham to his 15 minutes of fame, and to Krayzie Bone’s performance which deserves an award itself, I believe Chamillionaire deserves a better recognition other than Ridin’.

For the sake of originality, songs like My Life , Ridin’ Overseas and some others won’t make it to this list since they are either remixes or based on other rappers’ beats.

  • Void In My Life: It’s no secret, Chamillionaire was a son to a Muslim father and a Christian Mother, this song plays on a spiritual level, which is a subject many rappers didn’t touch. Cham poses the importance of God and religion in our lives in this amazing track. The structure of words is brilliantly devised.  Void In My Life
  • Rain: Another great song about the difficulties of life, the hook is addictive, plus Chamillionaire killed it lyrically like always! This jewel features Billy Cook and the heavy title champ of rap: Scarface! Rain
  • Hip Hop Police & The Evening News: We’re in for a treat! Chamillionaire’s official Vevo classes these 2 songs as 1, even though they were 2 different tracks in the Ultimate Victory album. Both songs are pure political hits, frankly, this is what I like about Chamillionaire the most, he doesn’t need to connote, the guy speaks his mind the way he wants. Hip Hop Police features another rap icon: Slick Rick. Hip Hop Police & The Evening News
  • Turn It Up: Let’s lighten the mood a little bit, Cham knows how to be a lyrical monster when it comes to serious subjects, but he also knows how to drop an insane hit if you want to party as well! This song is featuring Lil’ Flip. Turn It Up
  • Creepin’ Solo: This song was the teaser which made us -Chamillionaire fans- board the hype train for his next album Venom, sadly, the album wasn’t released, thus, this will stay as a memento for something we badly wanted but never came. The rap maven; Ludacris is spewing some fire in his verse, so be careful! Creepin’ Solo
  • Elevate: Are you tired from all these people talking down about you everywhere they go? Check this song to know how your boy from south deals with it! Elevate
  • This My World: This is certainly not like other rap songs about blings, Chamillionaire boasts about his life in his signature style, like always, Cham never fails to entertain us with his genius flow! This My World

Kindly take some time to appreciate this guy and think about what would happen to the rap industry if he was still around now. Enjoy!


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