The hunt for the best songs’ covers: pt. 1


Let’s start this blog by saying that one thing I do to alleviate myself is posing like some kind of a talent-hunter and dive into the folds of Youtube to find the best covers available, why? I don’t know, it makes me feel good to spot talents here and there!

There is a heavy influx of similar videos on a daily basis, so it does take sometime to dig up the good ones, but trust me, this world has a lot of talented people and I hope one day these gems will get uncovered.

Before we get down to business, let’s establish some few things:

  1. I’ll try to stick to “quality over quantity”, thus, for every part, we will cover 3 songs.
  2. You have to keep in mind that some people are financially established to use advance technologies to record their material, I will try to disregard this in exchange for potential talent.
  3. Many songs got people vying to cover them, so we might encounter many covers for the same original song.
  4. I will try not to include ultra famous artists and stick to indies, however, we might have to bend the rule a little bit if the cover was unprecedented (don’t worry, no Alien Ant Farm!)

Finally, we can start!


  • Michael Jackson – Billie JeanThis is probably one of MJ’s all-time best. Michael Henry & Justin Robinett did an outstanding job covering this back in 2013, since then, this cover received over 5 million views -which in my humble opinion, I believe it deserves way more than that!- you can check it here.


  • Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven: Led’s ultimate and most iconic song which was dropped back in 1971. Karl Golden and an amazing vocalist called Llambo took it home with this astonishing cover, since 2015 it got more than 176K views. You can check it here.


  • Backstreet Boys – Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely: Like most people, this wonder is my favorite BSB’s song of all time. If you’re trying to find somebody who could do it like them, well, you’re going to face some difficulties, however, an aspiring Finnish-Portuguese singer called Anna Abreu did a nice job of letting out her vocal capabilities. Listen here.

If you know some hidden gems lying around beneath the new mainstream ear raping songs, please let me know!


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