Let’s talk football: New England Patriots VS Kansas City Chiefs


Yesterday’s game – or to some of us it’s today’s morning – between The Patriots and The Chiefs turned out to be like I expected; an entertaining and Superbowl level game.

For those who watched the game or inquired about the result or maybe had no idea what was going on, Kansas City deserved their first W in the 2017’s season kickoff. The Patriots lost their season opener 27-42 at the Gillette stadium in Massachusetts.

I was surprised to see people’s reactions following the game. It seems like the majority predicted an easy win for The Pats, while as per my yesterday’s blog  I made it clear that The Chiefs knows how to crack New England’s code.

Everyone was waiting for Tom to pull a “Brady” and end it soon. Well, it only took them 3 minutes to score a TD from their first drive, and to add insult to injury, Kansas City fumbled their very first snap; which probably was an indicator to how things are going to end.

From the 1st quarter, you could tell that both teams’ offensive lines are tough. Perfect QB guarding (6 sacks in match total), however, it seemed like The Patriots really underestimated their opponents. Despite the fact that Tom Brady made some nice deep passes, but The Cheifs CBs and safeties were the perfect shield to deflect most of these passes, in addition, sometimes, Brady had all the time in the world to make an on point pass, but he missed many as well.

Kareem Hunt was in my opinion the MVP of the match. His total rushing yards were 148 plus an additional 98 receiving yards. The man is strong, yet, he runs like the wind to prove to everyone that he’s a versatile player.  Check out his highlights

Some NFL experts predicted an easy 16-0 season for New England, apparently, this won’t happen anymore. But I don’t want to jump the gun like many did. This is only the first week, and in this game; especially for The Patriots, everything goes. But one thing we are sure of is that The Chiefs is a fierce contestant for this year’s SB.

To watch the full game’s highlights click here




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