Swallowing the blade on both ends

There’s an Arabic saying “I’m swallowing the blade on both ends” Maybe if you’re not an Arab, it looks like a weird saying.

Imagine yourself facing a problem where you don’t approve any solution, however, you still have to go through with it, therefore, you’re swallowing the blade with both sharp ends exposed. It does hurt, doesn’t it?

This is what’s like to be an adult. On a daily basis, you’re facing problems and issues, you have to decide what to do and you have to do it fast. You may not like what you’re doing, but you’re still required to do it, happily.

Next time when your wife/husband, boss, landlord and any annoying person left gives you options to do things their way or their way, and you decide to do it their way, remember that you’re swallowing the blade on both ends.

Have a nice morning/evening.


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