Things are not always what they look like


In our lives, we look at things from our temporary prospective. We build our opinions and beliefs according to what we observe from our limited vision, which probably doesn’t give the full and correct context.

When we depict our own conclusions, we tend to believe in them, dearly. Supposedly, as we grow, our experience and mind capabilities grow as well, however, when it comes to judging what we usually see, many of us fail this situation despite how old are we. It’s in our genetic coding.

Allow me to share a story from my own experience. Let’s go back to the early 2000’s when I was in high school. There was a guy I always felt jealous of, he used to hang out with the most beautiful girls, played basketball like a pro and used to break dance! Yeah, remember when break dancing was the sign of “coolness” I might say? I was passing by a local park one day some years later, I saw him, now I don’t like to use this word, but he was a bum. He was hammered drunk in the middle of the day, and the man couldn’t even stand on his feet due to the huge amount of sauce in his blood.

I had completely forgotten about him at that time, but my friend pointed out to me that this is him. we went to the guy, he looked at us and it took him like 20 seconds to recognize us, the guy was in bad shape and couldn’t establish a coherent sentence, so we kept walking. Later on, I asked some of our mutual friends about him, they told me that he dropped out of school and started to abuse alcohol and drugs. This really saddened me since I spent a considerable amount of my high school years miserable, thinking that this guy had it all, while I was nothing.

I bet that such stories (especially those pertaining to high school days) are present in each one of us, almost everyone knows a guy/girl who was the big shot, and we felt bad trying to be like them, only to find out some time later that we were wrong.

The conclusion is to live your life as you, and always keep in mind that things are not always what they look like.

Please feel free to share your experience with us.

Have a nice day/evening.



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