How the Browns can make the playoffs


Credit to Reddit’s user mistermister321 for this awesome post!

With the ESPN playoff machine out I went through until I found out how the Cleveland Browns can make the playoffs

FIRST The Browns have to win out week 12-17. This will have them finish at 6-10.

Now, the chaos


Week 12:

CLE must defeat CIN

TEN must defeat IND

DEN must defeat OAK

HOU must defeat BAL

NE must defeat MIA

CAR must defeat NYJ

DAL must defeat LAC

KC must defeat BUF

Week 13:

CLE must defeat LAC

TEN must defeat HOU

KC must defeat NYJ

NE must defeat BUF

DET must defeat BAL

NYG must defeat OAK

JAX must defeat IND

DEN must defeat MIA

PIT must defeat CIN

Week 14:

CLE must defeat GB

IND must defeat BUF

CHI must defeat CIN

SF must defeat HOU

KC must defeat OAK

NYJ must defeat DEN

WAS must defeat LAC

PIT must defeat BAL

NE must defeat MIA

Week 15:

CLE must defeat BAL

IND must defeat DEN

NO must defeat NYJ

NE must defeat PIT

DAL must defeat OAK

MIN must defeat CIN

JAX must defeat HOU

KC must defeat LAC

MIA have to tie with BUF

Week 16:

CLE must defeat CHI

WAS must defeat DEN

BAL must defeat IND

DET must defeat CIN

PIT must defeat HOU

PHI must defeat OAK

NE must defeat BUF

KC must defeat MIA

LAC have to tie with NYJ

Week 17:

CLE must defeat PIT

MIA must defeat BUF

NE must defeat NYJ

LAC must defeat OAK

KC must defeat DEN

CIN must defeat BAL

HOU have to have a tie with IND



  • New England Patriots(14-2)
  • Miami Dolphins(5-10-1)
  • New York Jets(5-10-1)
  • Buffalo Bills(5-10-1)


  • Jacksonville Jaguars(12-4)
  • Tennessee Titans(11-5)
  • Indianapolis Colts(5-10-1)
  • Houston Texans(5-10-1)


  • Kansas City Chiefs(12-4)
  • Los Angeles Chargers(5-10-1)
  • Denver Broncos(5-11)
  • Oakland Raiders(4-12)


  • Pittsburgh Steelers(11-5)
  • Cleveland Browns(6-10)
  • Baltimore Ravens(6-10)
  • Cincinnati Bengals(5-11)


  • 1st Seed: New England Patriots
  • 2nd Seed: Kansas City Chiefs
  • 3rd Seed: Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 4th Seed: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 5th Seed: Tennessee Titans
  • 6th Seed: Cleveland Browns


As you can see the odds of the Browns making the playoffs are about equal to the odds I get a date; very slim while everyone else has to **** themselves. With that being said Browns fans don’t lose hope because there is a chance. If the browns make the playoffs I’d get a tattoo just for how near impossible the odds are, I’m not a math guy but I can imagine the likely-hood of this playing out exactly how it needs to is extremely low. Good luck on the next 6 weeks Browns fans, I wish for your livers to survive.


Original post on Reddit


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