ESPN ripped off the work of the Reddit’s user who analyzed the Browns playoffs picture


I posted earlier a nice analysis by a Reddit user called mistermister321  who had spent some time calculating the odds of the Browns making it to the playoffs here

Apparently, ESPN has taken his work and tweeted it in a video, giving no credit to the original poster.

This enraged Reddit’s community, and so far, the thread which was created on Reddit to point out this day-light theft has received around 15k up-votes, you can check it out here

After consulting with a gentleman who has insights regarding copyright infringements, he said that there are some axes to this:

  1. This is considered a common fact, therefore, the information itself is not infringed.
  2. The infringement occurs if a) ESPN copied the post as is, with the same formatting and claimed that this is its own work, and even with this, you can’t fight a big network like ESPN in court over this, and b) the original poster has his work copyrighted, and in Reddit’s case, it’s hard to do such thing.

In the end, ESPN didn’t technically infringe the guy’s work, however, a big network such as ESPN is desperate and/or lazy enough to go on public forums to get inspired of what to write next.

Think about how original are the news you read and hear everyday from big networks!


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