Is Rap music dead?


This image is from “My Rap Project” website.

As a hardcore rap fan, and an amateur rapper myself, I refuse to believe it!

Firstly, I’m not caught in the past, as the golden icons of rap are either dead, too old or retired. However, Kendrick is not our answer. He has the gift, that’s given, but he’s not our salvation.

Since I wasn’t around when rappers like Sugar Gang Hill, Rakim, Public Enemy, Eric B, LL Cool J, and many others were contributing to building rap as a permanent genre, I will go over some of those amazing rappers whom I witnessed:

  • Tupac Shakur (2pac): Dead
  • Notorious BIG: Dead
  • Big Proof: Dead
  • Eazy-E: Dead
  • Nate Dogg: Dead
  • Pimp C: Dead
  • G-unit: This group was once the most powerful rap gang to ever be introduced, after NWA of course. If you are too young to admire this group, I will just say two names: 50 Cent and The Game. Speaking of those, where are they? People used to go crazy when one of these two icons was about to drop a new album. The group kept going downhill when The Game, Olivia, Spider Loc, and lastly Young Buck left.
  • Ice Cube: Too old and busy with acting.
  • Ludacris: M.I.A. Fast and Furious maybe?
  • Eminem: Since his song with Rihanna (Love The Way You Lie), the man lost his charm. Don’t get me wrong, Eminem is a rare talent, but personally, I feel that since the death of Big Proof, Marshal lost a piece from his soul, and his style switched from funny and serious to just angry.
  • D12: Who’s D12? They are Eminem’s friends. They were great, insane, and had many joint tracks with 50 Cent, Obie Trice, and more. After losing Big Proof, nobody heard about them anymore.
  • Obie Trice: He’s busy with doing “pay to play you a song” live broadcasts on Facebook. Seriously.
  •  Chamillionaire: AKA the Mixtape Messiah, and King Koopa. He’s the CEO of Chimilitary entertainment, and to some people, the “Ridin’ Dirty” guy. Hakim is underrated, as most people had only known his song that blew up the charts: Ridin’. I used to open his website almost every day just to check if there’s a new mixtape coming. He’s beyond talented, and I like a rapper who could discuss important life subjects other than money and cars. Sadly, it all started to fall apart after recording his amazing song with Ludacris “Creepin’ Solo”, which was supposed to be on his upcoming album “Venom”. However, Venom never came due to some legal issues with Universal Records. Therefore, he decided to release “Playlist Poison”, and that didn’t come either. Just like this, a possible rap prodigy vanished from the scene. I just want to remind you, Cham, “You know rap will never die, it’s gonna live as long as I’m alive” well, rap is dying, where are you?
  • T.I: previously known as T.I.P, and goes with The Rubber Band Man. Some people call him “The King of the South” and I will be damned if he’s not. Probably, he’s the most relevant rapper from the golden age nowadays. But still, I’m missing his old days.
  • Tech N9ne: For me, I think he’s the best rapper alive, but he can’t single-handedly save the industry.
  • Snoop Dogg: I consider Snoop as retired. The man was doing his thing since the early 90’s. So yeah, he deserves to rest. He’s like those senior professors who stop teaching and become consultants in their fields.
  • DMX: Same as Snoop.
  • Dr. Dre: I want to say same as Snoop and DMX, but we’re still waiting for Detox! Anyway, the man is a producer more than a rapper, so he’s still doing his magic.
  • Jay Z: Too old.

The list goes on and on. I don’t want to offend anyone, but honestly, how can you compare today’s rappers with the legends mentioned above? Lil’ Wayne? Wiz Khalifa? 2 Chainz? Drake? Waka Flocka Flame? Just listen to what Snoop is saying in this video and tell me that he’s wrong! Take a look at today’s rap songs, aren’t they all the same? It’s like a generic template and they are all using it.

I’m looking for an answer here, is it the end of the rap era? Is it destined to be like Disco?



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