Customer service 101: Let’s use the available technology.


I found this image on the internet. If it’s copyrighted, my apologies.

A little while ago, the wife and I felt hungry and we were too lazy to cook anything. So, I just jumped on the internet to find me something new. Let’s be honest, every time I think about ordering food, I immediately think of the usuals: Mac, BK, Pizza Hut, Dominos, etc.

I’m all for giving the smaller restaurants a chance. Therefore, I landed on some restaurant’s FB page. The photos looked yummy, and I was encouraged since, apparently, the person who was taking the photos knew what he/she was doing. However, I’m not that gullible to fall for the photos only. I wanted to check the whole menu to know what I’m up to. Unfortunately, there was not any.

This is a common mistake, which a significant amount of restaurants do. Think about it as a customer, you are starving, you probably made the decision of ordering food in a couple of minutes, and you want your food now! Now, I’m aware that there are tons of websites and apps dedicated to this service, but not all restaurants are on them, and that is a different topic. I’m discussing one of the free options; Facebook.

They were kind enough to leave a phone number to order! But I don’t want that, I want to see a full menu with details and prices. It is time to understand that visuals are one of the most important keys to get your clients’ attention.

The way I see it, customer service in this particular subject is divided into multiple options ranged from the best practice to the worst:

  • Adding a separate button on your FB page that leads to the menu. Plain, simple, and efficient. Please take my money.
  • Publishing pinned posts of your menu, whether if they were designed specifically for online use, or just clear photos taken by a camera. A good move as well since the photos will be the first items to see on your page no matter how many posts you have.
  • Publishing unpinned posts of your menu. Now we are starting to dig deep into the big no-nos of customer service. As a hungry customer, you have about 30 seconds before I find another restaurant if I didn’t find what I need on the spot. I’m sorry, but that what technology has done to us, getting information quickly is not a luxury anymore, it has become a necessity.
  • The menu is available, and maybe it’s pinned also, but, it needs to be downloaded. Please, don’t do this, I’m not looking for downloading some PDF file especially if I’m using my phone. We’re ditching the concept of “downloading” for “streaming”, and this is the same deal.
  • Providing the menu following to a comment or a message. Again, most people prefer to see the items on your menu before contacting you, or even worse, waiting for your kind response.
  • Not providing a soft copy at all. Instead, please call us and we will read our menu out to you. This is the bedrock of customer service. Are you really expecting your customer to hear your menu out for a nice 2 minutes? You will probably read out the highlights of your menu and leave the rest. Some people might think that this is a “call to action” move when you pressure the customer to make a decision in a short period. Sorry, no. Maybe it will work for the 1st time your customer orders and that’s it. Say goodbye to retention since the next time they think about ordering from your establishment, they will recall these painful 2 minutes of “we have chicken breasts with butter, chicken breasts with lemon, chicken breasts with some chicken breasts”.


I’m not speaking as a marketing or food service guy. I have left everything on the side for this. I’m talking as a regular hungry customer who wants his food as soon as possible before deciding to open up a Tuna can.


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