Customer service 101: Let’s use the available technology.

I found this image on the internet. If it's copyrighted, my apologies. A little while ago, the wife and I felt hungry and we were too lazy to cook anything. So, I just jumped on the internet to find me something new. Let's be honest, every time I think about ordering food, I immediately think... Continue Reading →


Goodbye Toys“R”Us

It has been a long time since I have posted anything here. I'm leading a busy life and specifically in the last few months as I'm taking some serious decisions in my life. I have been surfing the internet for my daily dosage of news and interesting things. Someone posted the above photo on their... Continue Reading →

What to test in your newly created website prior to the big reveal?

Websites have become a critical factor in the modern era, almost every business has its own website (the correct statement should be EVERY business), having a polished, functional, technically developed and attractive website is a mirror for your business. So, you have decided to launch your website but you have no expertise in HTML5, CSS3,... Continue Reading →

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