Have you ever felt lonely?

Have you ever felt lonely? Sitting with yourself only? Looking at the night sky thinking... Where's that other person you're missing... The stars are looking back at you... How to make it up? They have no clue... A tear is rushing on your cheek... If this tear could only speak... To tell people how you... Continue Reading →


Things are not always what they look like

In our lives, we look at things from our temporary prospective. We build our opinions and beliefs according to what we observe from our limited vision, which probably doesn't give the full and correct context. When we depict our own conclusions, we tend to believe in them, dearly. Supposedly, as we grow, our experience and... Continue Reading →

My Life conundrum

I have been absent from the digital world for some time, you see, when I started this blog I had tons of things to write about and get off my chest, but day after day, I'm losing my soul; piece by piece. I know -dear reader- you probably have your share of burdens, so why... Continue Reading →

One Less Syria

I thought I'd share a verse from my song "One Less Syria" which I'm planning to record when the time is right. Days.. and years passed by Thinking about what happened to us makes me wanna cry This is a real story people and it ain’t just a lie Too many good spirits left us... Continue Reading →

My Bucket list

Plain and simple, these are the things I will hopefully do before I kick the bucket: Go to Canada. Visit Sweden. Visit Tokyo. See Syria again. Watch a Seattle Seahawks at the CenturyLink Field. Meet Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson in person. Record at least one of my songs at a professional studio. Attend at... Continue Reading →

Why Canada is an immigrant’s dream?

Have you ever contemplated about moving to Canada? Especially if you're living in those countries where wars and violence are the most prevalent picture. As a Muslim-Syrian guy, I have endured a lot from this none sense, radicalism, extremism, sheer violence, bombing, killings, conflicts, injustice and many other sad things. I have taken no part... Continue Reading →

Why do we check in on Facebook?

I like to observe, ask and try to express my opinion, therefore, I'm not qualified; not even in the proximity of discussing the psychological factors, as there are myriad of experts and  psychologists who can analyze it better. Some people like to share their precious moments with others via social media hubs, almost everyone of... Continue Reading →

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