Spider News Digest: 12/2/2017

72 new galaxies revealed by European telescope (CBC News):  An innovative instrument on a telescope in Chile has discovered 72 previously hidden galaxies dating back 13 billion years, shortly after the formation of the universe. The galaxies were discovered with the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer (MUSE) on the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope (VLT)... Continue Reading →


Everything you need to know about FIFA World Cup 2018

It's that time of the year again! Football (Soccer) fans all over the world are patiently waiting for the biggest sport's event. Every 4 years, the FIFA world cup is hosted in a country. As for 2018, it's going to be played on the Russian grounds. Sadly, Italy and Holland didn't make it to the... Continue Reading →

Spider News Digest 12/1/2017

Bottle that Croatian war criminal drank from in court before dying contained 'chemical substance,' tests show (CBC News):  A deadly chemical was in the container that a Croatian war criminal took a swig from shortly before dying, a Dutch prosecutor said Thursday, as an independent investigation into the dramatic death of Slobodan Praljak continued. "There... Continue Reading →

Spider News Digest 11/28/2017

  Japan detects radio signals pointing to possible North Korea missile test: source (Reuters): TOKYO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Japan has detected radio signals suggesting North Korea may be preparing for another ballistic missile launch, although such signals are not unusual and satellite images did not show fresh activity, a Japanese government source said on Tuesday. After... Continue Reading →

Spider News Digest: 11/26/2017

Bali Volcano Dusts Resorts in Ash; Lombok Airport Closes (Bloomberg): Karangasem, Indonesia (AP) -- A volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali has rumbled to life with eruptions that dusted nearby resorts and villages with ash and forced the closure of the small international airport on neighboring Lombok island as towering gray plumes drifted east.... Continue Reading →

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