Discussion: Erotica

As I'm browsing through blogs, I've noticed that a considerable amount of them are about Erotica, whether they were stories, vignettes, books reviews or poems. This sort of art was around since the dawn of history, as a Muslim-Arab, many renowned poets from the Muslim history were into sort of poems such as Al-Asma'i and many... Continue Reading →

My Bucket list

Plain and simple, these are the things I will hopefully do before I kick the bucket: Go to Canada. Visit Sweden. Visit Tokyo. See Syria again. Watch a Seattle Seahawks at the CenturyLink Field. Meet Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson in person. Record at least one of my songs at a professional studio. Attend at... Continue Reading →

Why Canada is an immigrant’s dream?

Have you ever contemplated about moving to Canada? Especially if you're living in those countries where wars and violence are the most prevalent picture. As a Muslim-Syrian guy, I have endured a lot from this none sense, radicalism, extremism, sheer violence, bombing, killings, conflicts, injustice and many other sad things. I have taken no part... Continue Reading →

What to test in your newly created website prior to the big reveal?

Websites have become a critical factor in the modern era, almost every business has its own website (the correct statement should be EVERY business), having a polished, functional, technically developed and attractive website is a mirror for your business. So, you have decided to launch your website but you have no expertise in HTML5, CSS3,... Continue Reading →

Why do we check in on Facebook?

I like to observe, ask and try to express my opinion, therefore, I'm not qualified; not even in the proximity of discussing the psychological factors, as there are myriad of experts and ¬†psychologists who can analyze it better. Some people like to share their precious moments with others via social media hubs, almost everyone of... Continue Reading →

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