Spider News Digest: 11/29/2017

Once in a supermoon: Catch 2017's largest moon on December 3 (Newsweek): The first and only visible supermoon of 2017 will occur on the night of December 3, shining up to 16 percent brighter and 7 percent larger than normal, according to National Geographic. Because the moon’s orbit of the Earth is not perfectly circular,... Continue Reading →


Spider News Digest 11/28/2017

  Japan detects radio signals pointing to possible North Korea missile test: source (Reuters): TOKYO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Japan has detected radio signals suggesting North Korea may be preparing for another ballistic missile launch, although such signals are not unusual and satellite images did not show fresh activity, a Japanese government source said on Tuesday. After... Continue Reading →

Spider News Digest: 11/26/2017

Bali Volcano Dusts Resorts in Ash; Lombok Airport Closes (Bloomberg): Karangasem, Indonesia (AP) -- A volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali has rumbled to life with eruptions that dusted nearby resorts and villages with ash and forced the closure of the small international airport on neighboring Lombok island as towering gray plumes drifted east.... Continue Reading →

ESPN ripped off the work of the Reddit’s user who analyzed the Browns playoffs picture

I posted earlier a nice analysis by a Reddit user called mistermister321  who had spent some time calculating the odds of the Browns making it to the playoffs here Apparently, ESPN has taken his work and tweeted it in a video, giving no credit to the original poster. This enraged Reddit's community, and so far, the thread... Continue Reading →

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