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Is Rap music dead?

This image is from "My Rap Project" website. As a hardcore rap fan, and an amateur rapper myself, I refuse to believe it! Firstly, I'm not caught in the past, as the golden icons of rap are either dead, too old or retired. However, Kendrick is not our answer. He has the gift, that's given, but... Continue Reading →

Spider News Digest: 10/12/2017

Violence flares at protest near U.S. Embassy in Lebanon (Reuters):  BEIRUT (Reuters) - Lebanese security forces fired tear gas and water canons at protesters near the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon on Sunday during a demonstration against President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Protesters, some of them waving Palestinian flags,... Continue Reading →

Spider News Digest: 12/8/2017

Scores injured, one dead as Palestinians hold 'Day of Rage' over Jerusalem (Reuters): Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated, scores were hurt and at least one killed in clashes with Israeli troops on a “day of rage” on Friday against U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Across the Arab and Muslim worlds, thousands... Continue Reading →

Spider News Digest: 12/5/2017

The death of Yemen’s strongman sets the stage for even more chaos (The Washington Post): Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh dominated the political life of his country for close to four decades. He was president for 33 years and survived the 2011 upheavals that rocked the Arab world, stepping down after political negotiations while autocrats elsewhere... Continue Reading →

Spider News Digest: 4/12/2017

War With North Korea: Chances Are 'Increasing Every Day' As Kim Gets Better With Weapons, McMaster Says (Newsweek): The chances of a war with North Korea are “increasing every day” as Kim Jong Un’s regime just keeps getting better at weapons tests, national security adviser H.R. McMaster said Saturday. Speaking only days after North Korea’s... Continue Reading →

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