My Life conundrum

I have been absent from the digital world for some time, you see, when I started this blog I had tons of things to write about and get off my chest, but day after day, I'm losing my soul; piece by piece. I know -dear reader- you probably have your share of burdens, so why... Continue Reading →

One Less Syria

I thought I'd share a verse from my song "One Less Syria" which I'm planning to record when the time is right. Days.. and years passed by Thinking about what happened to us makes me wanna cry This is a real story people and it ain’t just a lie Too many good spirits left us... Continue Reading →

In the light of Chester Bennington’s and Chris Cornell’s suicide: Let’s talk suicide

It didn't take more than two months to say goodbye to 2 well-known singers; Chris Cornell the pop icon and Linkin Park's (rock band) main vocalist Chester Bennington. Suicide is a serious matter, most of us would think that these celebrities are living the good life, why wouldn't they? Their bank accounts are loaded, they could... Continue Reading →

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